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What We Do



All our shelters are built on Pressure Treated skids. 

We are using oversized rough cut lumber


The siding is made of a double layer of 1" planks.


We use galvanized metal for the roofs.

Our default color is Galvanized Aluminum (silver), but we also have access to a wide range of colors

(color matching is an option).



If we can, we deliver all our shelters fully assembled, and directly to your field.

Very large shelters are assembled in your field in a couple of days.

Or if access is an issue, we can also do the assembly in the field (for a reasonable surcharge).

Regardless, we always leave the site clean - no left over scrap wood, no nails on the ground, no garbage! (Okay, maybe a little sawdust...)


The shelters are delivered for free within 100km of Cochrane. 

Beyond that distance, we charge a cost per kilometer to account for extra time and fuel.  We assume your field is accessible with sufficiently wide gate for a truck and trailer. 


We built our shelters to last. 

Every panel is braced diagonally to ensure the building stays straight and square.  Even if you decide to pull it across the field with a tractor!


Our shelters are solid, heavy and sturdy. However, we strongly recommend that it be anchored to the ground, especially in windy areas.

Because soil/grounds differ from field to field (rocks, gravel, loam, clay, etc), anchoring time can vary greatly and is not included in the base shelter price. We can anchor your shelter for you, but this is done on a Time + Material fee basis.  Prior to anchoring, you must have your utility lines located and flagged in the vicinity of the shelter (electricity, water, natural gas, telephone, cable, irrigation, septic field, etc).

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